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Tuesdays 5-9pm

The Special Effects Makeup courses are the most popular of all classes offered at TMA! Our Special Effects courses are designed to target the 5 main avenues of SFX: sculpting, mold making, prosthetic application, blood effects, and fabrication. Students will be required to learn each process before advancing to the next.

Wednesdays 5-8pm

From basic color correction to high fashion runway, our beauty courses will teach you all you need to know about cosmetic makeup. Our beauty courses are designed to target proper use of cosmetic materials, provide knowledge on cosmetic pioneers, and help students establish their own career path in a cosmetic field. 

Thursdays 5-7pm

Designed for those young artists interested in learning more about makeup! Our kids classes offer insight into all the different courses offered at TMA In a hands-on and Creative Way. Students will paint Masks, create Blood slime, Make their own body art, and that's just the start!

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