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"I believe that ALL are pretty without makeup, but with 
makeup, can be pretty powerful!"

- Bobbi Brown

Cosmetics 101 is the perfect course for students who have never used cosmetics before. Students will learn all about cosmetics for face, eyes, lips, brows, etc. and how to apply a full face makeup application in a step-by-step format. This course is perfect for beginners or for those seeking more cosmetic experience. This course is open to students age 12+.


Upon completing Cosmetics 101, students will be able to move into our Advanced Cosmetics course. This class is a highly creative cosmetic course with a focus on makeup looks from throughout the eras and decades. Students will dive into historical cosmetic references but will also be introduced to cultural influences, art inspiration, and costume design. This course is only available to students who have completed Cosmetics 101.


Students who have completed Cosmetics 101 and Advanced Cosmetics have the opportunity to advance to the Cosmetic Pros course. With the combination of cosmetic application techniques and free creativity, students will create their own head-to-toe high fashion looks. Students will focus on training in 'paper to product to portfolio' techniques and will get to explore theatrical cosmetics, airbrush cosmetics, wig and hair styling, and avant garde.


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