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"Creativity is your best makeup skill. Don't be afraid to experiment.

-Pat Mcgrath

Kids Class 101 is designed to teach our youngest artists the beginner basics! They will learn about specific cosmetic and special effects products, how to sculpt, how to fabricate, and how to create basic characters. They will learn everything step-by-step and on a class-by-class basis. Each week will be something new in order to broaden their horizons and ensure proper placement in future classes. Class is recommended for students age 8-11!


Kids Class 102 is designed for students not old enough to advance into our 12+ courses, but still want to continue to learn about the world of makeup. In this course, students will spend longer periods of time focusing on specific avenues. They will dive into fabricating props, replicating iconic cosmetic looks, and begin sketching their own designs and learning how to bring them to life. Class is available to students who have already completed Kids Class 101!


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