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“Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.”


– Kevyn Aucoin


SFX 101 is our introductory course into the world of Special Effects Makeup. Students will begin their journey with theatrical techniques using grease paint, latex, and introductory materials. They will learn how to create characters, alter facial features, and apply hair in order to create a new person. This class is best for beginners and open to students age 10+.


Upon completing SFX 101, students will advance into SFX 102. In this course students will apply techniques learned in 101 and carry them into the cinematic universe. They will learn how to apply prosthetics, blend features to create a full character, and dive into costume design for head to toe character creation. They will also learn more about creating prosthetic features including noses, ears, and teeth, and cinematic blood rigs such as gun shots and throat slits.

Sculpting 101 is a course specifically designed to teach artists how to utilize clay and create features. This course is all about sculpting and sculpting techniques. Each student will be given their own sculpting kit with every tool necessary to create masterpiece sculptures. Students will learn about these various sculpting tools, different types of clay, how to sculpt features, and how to create busts and maquettes. This course is open to students age 10+.


Mold Making is taking a 3D sculpted or fabricated structure and learning how to replicate it. Students will learn how to design and create using various mediums, then mold them for permanent replication. This class also includes lifecasting, making prosthetics, and replicating props. This course is open to students who have completed our Sculpting 101 course and/or have advanced sculpting experience.


Life Casting, sculpting, mold making, pouring, and applying is everything you will find in our Monster Making course. Students will start designing their monster on day one and finish this course with the knowledge on how to create their own creature from scratch. Students will work alongside their Instructor, using their own creativity, and bringing their imagination to life! This course is only available to students who have completed Sculpting 101 and Mold Making 101. 


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